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We're a different type of tutoring company. In addition to providing affordable and effective in-person and online tutoring personalized to meet each student's unique learning style, we serve schools and community centers in metro Atlanta neighborhoods by providing academic support and personal development opportunities to students who need it most. We envision an educational landscape where students have access to quality tutoring no matter where they live.

Online more? So are we. 

As schools around the country are shifting to virtual learning, our tutors are gearing up to help parents and students continue to grow and learn at home. 

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Teach One Tutors was founded in the spirit of the African American proverb "each one, teach one", which promotes the idea that once a student has learned something new ("each one"), they have a duty to pass it on to the next student ("teach one"). With this principle in mind, a portion of our profits is used to provide educational services to a family, school or community in need. These hours come in the form of tutoring scholarships, workshops and trainings at no or low cost. With your support, we can reach more students and schools who need academic tutoring and coaching.


Serving students, schools and communities in
Clayton, Dekalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties

Teach One Tutors are your neighborhood tutors. They live in your community, they teach in your schools, they go to school in Atlanta, and best of all, they come right to your front door. There's nothing more personal about learning than having all the answers right in your living room, or classroom, or community center. 

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"Our tutor was perfect for our family. She helped with both of my sons in different grades and with different needs. She was even available on weekends. "

Bethany from Atlanta, GA

"Josh has always struggled with math but after working with Danielle for a month, I heard him say he liked math for the first time."

Chad from Stone Mountain, GA

"I was skeptical at first about getting  a tutor for my daughter, but after just a few weeks of tutoring, her grades and attitude towards math improved. I see a change in her confidence too."

Leslie from Decatur, GA




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